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2018 Voting Members Nominations

Call for Nominations White Pine Council Voting Members for the 2018-19 Scouting Year

Scouts Canada will be starting the process to elect three (3) voting representatives from each Council to the Scouts Canada Annual Meeting. The 2018 National AGM to be held in on about November 10th, 2018.

All registered Adults and Youth members 14 years and older should have received an email. The voting process is governed by Policy 1014. Information about the voting process, timelines and frequently asked questions can be found at 

Council Voting Representatives shall serve in such capacity for a one (1) year period commencing on the date of their election and shall be deemed to be a Voting Member for all purposes of Scouts Canada’s By-law during their tenure as a Council Voting Representative, and are entitled to vote at such annual general meetings or special meetings of Members as shall occur during their tenure.

There are two main parts to this year’s process:

Call for Nominations

April 17 – May 16, 2018 at noon local time

Candidates to submit Candidates Statements to the Deputy Elections Officer for White Pine Council by May 23th 2016 at noon local time

Voting Period

Opens May 26th, 2018

Closes June 16th, 2018

Announcement of the results will be made by the Chief Elections Officer for Scouts Canada no later than 7 seven days after voting closes.

Call For Nominations

Members of Scouts Canada who are interested in applying to be one of their Council’s Voting Representatives can download a Nomination form from the White Pine Council site at

A Candidate must:

Be an Ordinary Member and be registered and active within the Council that he or she proposes to represent; be nominated in writing by 5 Ordinary Members who are registered with the same Council as the Candidate; Have attained the age of 14 years in the calendar year in which the election is conducted.

Please review the Requirements and Conditions listed on the Nomination Form.

Nominations must be submitted to the White Pine Council Deputy Election Officer via e-mail ( ) no later than noon, Monday, May 16th 2018

 Voting Process

The voting uses the single transferrable vote system. It is fairly simple for the voters; they simply rank the candidates in order of preference. There is a one minute YouTube video which explains STV. If you go there, you will see links to many more videos that discuss STV in more depth if you are interested.

All Ordinary Members 14 years and older may participate in electing their Council’s Voting Representatives.

Voting will be online through; please ensure that your myscouts account has been setup. Detailed instructions as to how to vote will be sent out closer to the date of the election period.

Have questions?

For more information, please contact your Deputy Elections Officer, or the Scouts Canada Chief Elections Officer Chris Pike at

For White Pine Council, the Deputy Elections Officer is Victor Woodburne and can be reached at

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