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Child and Youth Safety

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Parent Helpers and PRC/VVS

February 1, 2020

I was just doing some searching on the parent helper topic after some questions that came up last night at a meeting and I noticed that the screening policy has been revised and effective January 16, 2020 and there is now mention of two types of parent helpers - those who HELP the Scouters and those who don't. In this new revision to the policy if the parent is attending camp overnight with the intention of assisting the Scouters they do need to have their PRC on file. However, there is nothing in MyScouts that is going to FLAG that they need it because in MyScouts there is no way of differentiating the two types of parent helpers. 

Here is the link to the revised parent helper procedure:

Anyway, it IS a bit confusing but I wanted to pass this clarification along to you all. Think ahead to the camps where you are going to be relying on parents for help and ensure you give them enough time to get their PRC/VSS complete before hand if that has not been a part of your group's procedures previously. There is also an exception process that we can go through if the PRC is not clean - more on that here:




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