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Camp Samac Weekly Themes

At Camp Samac, each week we have a unique theme to keep the program fresh and exciting for our Campers and Staff! Counsellors and Site Coordinators (Arts & Crafts Centre, Nature Centre, & Waterfront Centre) use the respective weekly theme to develop age-appropriate outdoor skills/activities, sports, and crafts for all abilities. Our weekly "Parents' Night" campfire songs/skits presented by the campers create their performances with the theme in mind!

Week 1: July 3rd - 6th 2018 (Canada Day week) *

ARGH YA READY KIDS? Samac Dives Deep!

Aye Aye Captain! Join us for the first week of summer camp and gear up for a week of under the sea adventures with Spongebob and all your favourite Bikini Bottom pals.

  Note: week 1 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 1 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity.



Week 2: July 9th - 13th 2018

A Camp Mystery: Calling Sherlock Gnomes!

Garden ornaments aren’t the only thing going missing this week… our Camp Cup is among the taken! We’re seeking stealthy camper-detectives to join us in the hunt for our beloved trophy prize.

  Note: week 2 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 2 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity. 

  (Scouts Canada members: Haliburton Scout Reserve Composite Troop this week. Contact Craig Rendall $400)



Week 3: July 16th - 20th 2018

2018 Samac Winter Olympics

You may think the Winter Games don’t have a place in the summer but think again! Our campers will spend the week sporting as Canadian Olympians in the July sun. Figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, or hockey, anyone? 

  Note: week 3 Day Camp has reached capacity
  Note: week 3 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity
  Note: week 3 Leadership Camp has reached capacity
Week 4: July 23rd - 27th 2018

Samac Joins The Justice League!

Put on your best superhero suit and get ready to fight crime! But remember: when it comes to Camp Samac, we are stronger together. A group of soon-to-be friends with a common goal: “uniting the league!” 

  Note: week 4 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 4 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity


Week 5: July 30th - Aug 3rd 2018

Samac at Sea: A Cruise Ship Vacation

Climb aboard our magnificent camp cruise ship and set sail for an unforgettable vacation experience! Travel the world’s oceans and visit countries coast to coast with your Camp Counsellor tour guides. *WARNING: Campers may insist that this vacation last forever.*

  Note: week 5 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 5 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity. 

Week 6: August 7th - 10th 2018  (Civic Holiday week) *

You’re Invited: Samac’s Slumber Party!

Campers will be embracing all things “bedtime” this week, whether you’re in Day Camp or Res Camp! Roll out of bed each morning and come to camp with your pajamas on because we are faking a slumber party each day. Yummy treats, fun games, good stories, and long-lasting memories will certainly be made throughout the process (whether you’re sleeping over or not!).

  Note: week 2 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 6 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity.



Week 7: August 13th - 17th 2018

The WONDERs of Samac

“You can’t blend in when you’re born to stand out.” From special talents to exploring curiousities, this week centres around embracing others’ differences and appreciating what makes you, YOU! 

  Note: week 7 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 7 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity.



Week 8: August 20th - 24th 2018

Camp COCO (A Sunrise Spectacular)

Hola campistas! This week, Camp Samac campers will experience Coco’s journey themselves, learning all about music and culture, the importance of “amistad” (friendship) and “familia” (family), as well as what it means to truly follow your dreams. Grab your guitars and get ready for a week-long celebration! 

  Note: week 8 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 8 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity.

  Note: week 8 Councillor in Training has reached capacity



Week 9: August 27th - 31st 2018

Where The Wild Things Are

Add “imagination” to that packing list and prepare to explore the Samac jungle one last time this  summer! Close those eyes and see what the forests of Camp Samac really have to offer as we become kings & queens of the wild things!

  Note: week 2 Day Camp has reached capacity

  Note: week 9 Residential (Overnight) Camp has reached capacity.



Our LT program will be offered Weeks 1, 3, 6 & 7. (Note: Week 3 has reached capacity) 

Our CIT program will be offered Weeks 2, 4. 5, 8, & 9.

Weeks 1 & 6 (*) are short weeks and will be available for a discounted price.


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