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Cobourg Scout Reserve

The Cobourg Scout Reserve has many special camping experiences to offer everybody from ages 3 to 93. Situated on sixty-nine acres of wooded land located in the heart of Northumberland Forest, this camp can offer hiking, wildlife and camp crafts in abundance.

The camp is at the base of the tallest hill in the forest and was previously a downhill ski resort. Tobogganing and cross country skiing is excellent. The camp has many facilities to meet your every need. 

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6863 Northumberland 45
Harwood, ON K0K 2H0
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Main Chalet: This building is fully insulated, has running water which is tested and treated, is heated by a furnace and has the following: KITCHEN: electric stove and fridge, cutlery and plates for 30 people, 3 wash sinks and a few pots and pans. MAIN ROOM: Open floor area, tables that seat 30 people, chairs, couches, and a TV.  DOWNSTAIRS: Male and female washrooms, 7 cots, 5 roll-aways, additional tumbling mats and pads, electric clothes dryer, storage shelves and a coat hook area. There are 2 propane BBQs, use at your own risk and supply your own propane (outside use only)

Bunk House & Rain Shelter:  This has one large room with a comfortable capacity of 10-11 people. There are hooks available to hang tarps for privacy in several areas. Fully insulated, has electricity and heat, TV, table & benches and 8 cots with mattresses. No water is available, you must supply your own. Cooking is not permitted inside this building. There is a rain shelter for cooking, a charcoal BBQ is available and picnic tables for eating next to the bunkhouse. A fire pit is located next to the shelter. Washrooms consist of outhouses.

Picnic Shelter: Outdoor covered picnic area is 20' X 40'. There is a barbecue pit and picnic tables. There is a nearby outhouse. 


Program Activities and Sites

Tobogganing,Cross Country Skiing, hiking, wildlife and camp crafts, a compass course and 3 hiking trails with maps. We have a supply of spars and staves for pioneering projects; please return these behind the craft shack when finished. There is a “Enviro-hut” for Climate Change, World Conservation and environmental studies.

Camping Areas: Camping areas can accommodate 6 - 8 tents and have fire pits. Any pre-cut wood used must be replaced before departure. No trees are to be cut down on the property. There are five campsites available. The Bowl is located directly south of the Chalet building and is the largest flat area. Site 1 is

located across from the Bunkhouse and is surrounded by trees. Outhouses are shared with Bunkhouse, Site 2 is located in the forest at the top of the East Hill in the dip of the forest. The outhouse is at entrance to site. (Host: 1st Baltimore Cubs) Site 3 is located down the trail behind the Bunkhouse in a forest clearing. The outhouse is at the entrance to site. (Host: 6th Cobourg) Site 4 is located further down the trail from site 3. (Host: Baltimore Scouts) 

As well, there are lots of open areas around both buildings and picnic shelter where tents can be set up. There is a main campfire pit as well as the picnic shelter , BBQ for heat and cooking.

Age Groups   


All Ages There is a main campfire pit. Any pre-cut wood used must be replaced before departure. No trees are to be cut down on the property.



The water is from a well and therefore NOT ENDLESS. The water is  “tested, treated, or potable”. Please supply your own drinking and cooking water to start with in order to save the well.

See "Buildings" above.



Nearby at Rice Lake (10 min) or Cobourg and Lake Ontario (20 min) See "Buildings" and Program Activities and Sites" above.


Cell Coverage/9-1-1 Coverage

Memorial Cairn and Chapel by the Chalet

There is no telephone available, please bring a cell.

9-1-1: Yes


The camp is at the base of the tallest hill in the forest and was previously a downhill ski resort.


Contact Dave Skan at to book Cobourg Scout Reserve.

This camp is booked through the Lakeshore Ridge Area.

Payment is expected in advance and cancellations will receive a 50% refund if we are unable to re-book the date and 100% if we are. Payments can be mailed to

J. Irwin

3639 Roseberry Hill Rd.

Port Hope, Ont. L1A 3V5 

& made payable to Scouts Canada – Cobourg Scout Reserve.

We practice “no trace camping”, and we expect that our visitors will do the same and return all property and materials back to the way they were when you arrived.

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