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Canadian Jamboree Pre-Camp CJ'17

Brookwood Scout Reserve, 8th line S Dummer, Norwood, ON K0L 2V0
05/05/2017 - 6:00pm - 05/07/2017 - 12:00pm

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Mark your calendar for this great informative weekend if you are attending CJ'17 in Nova Scotia. 


White Pine Council is hosting a CJ’17 Pre-Camp at Brookwood Scout Reserve, 8th Line S Dummer, Norwood ON., for members of Scouts Canada who are registered to attend CJ’17.

Arrive no earlier than 6:00 pm on Friday May 5 2017; with planned departure by 12:00 pm Sunday May 7.

Participation in the Pre-Camp is highly recommended.  We will be showing/instructing many aspects of the difference in long term camping at a Canadian Jamboree (CJ).  This will ensure both youth and Scouters get the most out of the CJ experience.

This camp is open to all youth and Scouters who have registered to attend CJ’17. We will try to run this camp as close to the way the CJ’17 will be run.

Participants will be in your CJ’17 Patrols (maximum of 8 youth, 3 leaders) and you will be assigned camp sites.  The camp sites will be the same size as you will find at CJ’17. Each patrol should come self-contained, which means you must bring your own food and cooking equipment – no food or equipment will be provided by the pre-camp organizers.

Patrols must plan to arrive together- which means all youth, Scouters, personal and patrol gear, arriving at the same time.

At check-in each registered Patrol must provide, in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the CJ’17 Patrol Number on the outside, the fitness form for each member, and a copy of your CJ’17 Registration Form.


Patrols must use the same equipment that you plan to use at the Jamboree – lightweight equipment and tents. All equipment has to be carried in from the registration area, (approx 1km). This is your trial run for putting up equipment in wind, rain and for sun protection. 

No vehicles are allowed past the registrations area. No exceptions. This is consistent with the process on your arrival at Camp Nedooae, Elderbank, Nova Scotia.


Register online now or follow the instructions below:

Download a hard copy of the registration package

  1. Write or Print clearly, legibly and neatly! Complete ALL applicable sections and keep a photocopy

    Any Physical Challenges participants may have should be noted in writing and submitted as a part of this registration.

  2. Attach originals to your Group Committee cheque (or equivalent)

    Cheques should be made payable to Scouts Canada, White Pine Council –No Cash will be accepted
  1. Forward the entire package before March 20 2017 to:

      Dianna Harrison

      CJ17 Pre-Camp Registration

      325 Prince of Wales

      Whitby ON L1N 6MB
  1. The fee will be $25.00 per person, which includes 2 crests each.  On the registration form we will need a copy of your CJ17 Registration form showing Patrol number, names of leaders & youth in each patrol, area & council you are from. This is the main way we will identify participants to ensure that every participant knows the CJ’17 Patrol number and Names of their Scouters.
  1. There is an option on the registration form to purchase extra crests at $4 each.
  1. There are no picnic tables available for patrols at Brookwood, please bring your own.
  2. Please be sure to bring bug spray.


Ø  If additional registration forms are required, feel free to photocopy.

Ø   Only those registered for CJ’17 may participate

Ø  Registration questions may be directed to Dianna Harrison at  or Debby Corneal at

Ø  Any physical challenges that participants may have should be noted in writing to Dianna prior to arrival at the Pre-Camp

Ø  Cheques ONLY (no cash) - must be made payable to:

*      Scouts Canada

*      Registrations will not be accepted if cheques are incorrectly issued.

Ø  Two White Pine Council Participant crests will be provided for every registration fee paid.

Ø  All Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Ø  Late registrations are subject to space availability and crests will be distributed to late registrants as available. Registrations are due no later than March 20 2017.

Ø  Additional crests may be available for sale at camp

Ø   A copy of each participant’s fitness form should be placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside with the CJ’17 Patrol Number and unit name (e.g. 1st Upper Rubber Boot). This is required at check in.


Hard Copy Registation Package 

Online Registration 

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