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Cold Weather Camping - Tried and True Strategies

10/06/2019 - 9:30am - 4:00pm
Objectives: 1. To help equip Scouting leaders with the skills and knowledge to become comfortable leading outdoor activities in the colder weather, especially camping and hiking.
2. To facilitate the sharing of best practices about cold weather camping. This will be of interest to experienced and less experienced leaders
Food and Drink: participants will supply their own food and hot beverage plus water, snacks and lunch. Please bring a simple but tasty lunch that you will cook over a fire or small single or double burner stove. Bring the personal cooking gear you’ll need. Course Hours: 9:30- 4:00pm 
Instructors: 3 Venturer leaders experienced in cold-weather camping and backpacking from 12th Whitby Venturers
Bring: clothes for all types of weather- rain or shine. A pen and paper will be beneficial  
Course Fee: $18.00 (Registration deadline Sept 30th)
Course Director: please direct questions to Lewis Williams, ADC Ventures, Whitby
Area, 12th Whitby Venturer Leader

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