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Stress-Free Camporee Camp Gilroy

Camp Gilroy, Coe Hill, Ontario
06/16/2017 - 12:00am - 06/18/2017 - 12:00am
THEME: Stress Free (competition optional)
Based on youth feedback, we are offering multiple events and groups choose the events
they want, and flexible participation. Based on registration feedback, some events may be
eliminated due to lack of demand, but this CJ style “choose the events you want” should keep
the youth interested, engaged, and aligns with Canadian Path style youth decision making.
LOCATION: Camp Gilroy, Coe Hill, Ontario:
DATE: June 16-18th, 2017
Includes food? Cost
Youth No, youth cook in patrols $15
Scouters, bring your own food No $5
Scouters, quarter mastered Yes $25
ORGANIZATION: All cooking areas will be in the center, central area of field, for safety and to
encourage interaction among patrols.
EVENTS: Due to the accessibility to water and a public beach, many events are water oriented.
Periods are 90 minutes long: 9am to 10:30am, 10:30am to noon. Lunch is noon to 1pm.
Afternoon periods are 1pm to 2:30pm, 2:30pm to 4pm
Some events have cost of materials, and involve an additional fee per person above base
Events include: Knife throwing, Canoe basic training, Canoe advanced training, Canoe Games,
Geo caching, Matchless fire lighting, Cooking – advanced, Whittling, Leather Working, Rope
Bridge, Beach Games
Additionally, after the last event and before supper, there will be an iron chef competition.
Ingredient list will be provided in advance so youth can prepare a plan of what to make.
DINNER: THEME based: Pick the theme. Bring a costume. Prizes for best personal costume and
best patrol participation.
After Dinner will be free time or karaoke or formal campfire, then both a friendship fire and
Sunday will be packup and weather permitting a fun filled crazy/wacky regatta event.
PATROL COMPETITION: Optionally through the course of the weekend, patrols may compete in an overall patrol competition for general organization, preparedness, participation, and various
other criteria consistent with scouting principals. Optional to patrols wanting to participate. 
See registration (at top) for full details and program selection.
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