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Group Communications Tools

Group Commissioner Reference Materials

We are happy to provide some great reference materials. 

10 Tools for Group Communications

New Scouter Welcome Letter

New Youth Welcome Letter

Parent Helper Welcome Letter

Registration renew template (word doc)


Group Service Scouter (GSS)

Group Service Scouter Job Description (draft)

The CK3 reviewed the Job Description and agreed that 6 documents are the core tools for this person:

         Parent Roles

         CDN Path Nav

         Group Health Nav

         Scouter Development Model & Map

         Group Commissioner Handbook


White Pine Council specific questions or concerns contact Jeff Sauve:

White Pine Council Group support contact Kate McNeil:

Financial inquiries contact Hoa Nguyen:

Camp Samac booking contact Michelle Babiarz:

Contracts/agreements, Certificates of Insurance, and tour Permits contact Rose Pelkey:

Durham school permits contact Meena Bharwani:

Recognition and donations contact Jen Austin:


Safety incidents contact: 1-800-339-6643 or

No-One-Left-Behind, training, and general inquiries contact 1-888-855-3336 or


For additional information, please contact you Scouter Resource Manager

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