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Growth and Retention

  • Retaining and Recruiting Youth
  • Launching a New Scouting Group
  • Retaining and Recruiting Volunteers
  • Scout Group Sponsors
  • How to Host an Open House
  • Run a Bring-a-Friend Event
  • How to Run a Registration Event

School Flyer Promotion:

This promotion is designed to raise the awareness of Scouts Canada’s programs through the local schools.  For Areas wishing to send out flyers to participating schools, please contact your Council Relationship Manager to make arrangements. The Group Locator information along with Area specific contact information can be added to the flyers.

Area PR Kits

Each Area in White Pine Council has an assortment of Public Relations material and resources which can be booked though each Area Commissioner.  It generally consists of flyers, posters, table top displays, an outdoor banner, table skirt and other useful items for local promotions either indoors or out. These PR kits are an excellent way to increase Scouting visibility during community events, festivals and fairs.

For more information please contact your Area Commissioner or your Council Relationship Manager

School Newsletters:

There are a number of school boards and individual schools that will not allow organizations to advertise with flyers.  In many cases individual schools will accept electronic copies from Scouts.  You could check with either the school office or parent council and then make a submission.  

Register online today!      1-888-855-3336

Kids in Scouts have fun adventures discovering new things and experiences they wouldn’t discover elsewhere.  Along the way, they develop into capable, confident and well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

For over 100,000 members nationwide representing every faith and culture,  Scouts is the start of something great.  

Adult Volunteers

Scouting is a family organization. We encourage parents to join the fun.  To find out how you can be a leader or assist the Group administratively please visit: for a listing of your local groups.

Bring A Friend:

One of the most proven successful ways to have more youth and adults explore the benefits of Scouting is to host a Bring-a-Friend Event.  The objective of a Bring-a-Friend Event is to grow membership by using existing Scouting members as ambassadors. A Bring-a-Friend Event is exactly what the name eludes to – a special event to which Scouting youth invite one or more friends. The event is designed to highlight activities and experiences unique to Scouting. For Scouting youth, it’s an opportunity to “show off” how cool Scouting can be. For their “friends”, it is an opportunity to try Scouting. For the group, it provides an opportunity to increase the number of youth in their sections and to connect with more parents and potential leaders. For more information or to order get Bring A Friend postcards, contact your Council Relationship Manager.


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