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Dear Scouting Friends, More »
Effective Monday, December 14, 2020, Groups under the Durham Region Health Unit will continue to Scout using Stage 2 Standards. More »
I hope this finds you well and that you are getting into the holiday spirit as much as possible! A couple of updates to share with you today:  More »
Fellow White Pine Council Scouters, We are extremely proud of our Scouting community for their resilience in facing the many changes that 2020 has presented us. Following the announcement earlier this year, we would like to inform you that on Friday, November 27th, the Oshawa Scout Shop was officially closed through mutual agreement with the staff.  More »
New virtual sessions being hosted this Fall for Scouters ! Sharing Sharing Sharing!!     More »
Details for reserving outdoor meeting space at Camp Samac have been confirmed. You can find the info here: It looks like there are 6 sites available and when you go to reserve you need to select the evening use option from the drop down menu, then you will have some sites show availability. Direct link for booking -- Any questions you have related to booking Samac should be sent to   Cost for a period (evening) is $40.00 Cost for a day booking is $60.00    More »
It is our sincere pleasure to announce the appointment of Michael Nebesny as Council Youth Commissioner White Pine Council, effective immediately.   More »
NO CONTACT FUNDRAISING: We are doing everything differently these days and fundraising is no exception. Traditional approaches to fundraising can now present higher risks for volunteers. Halenda Fundraising has responded to the challenges of COVID 19 by establishing our No Contact Fundraising Protocol, (See link below). This will help you understand the steps we have taken to assist you raising money safely, quickly and profitably!   More »
Equator will provide our supporters with fair trade, organic coffee that is roasted right here in Canada. All orders placed via the Scout coffee website will be shipped directly to the customers. More »
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