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2019 Cuboree at Ste. Marie Among the Hurons

May 24-26, 2019 - Midland, Ontario

Register by May 8, 2019. 

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Ste. Marie Among the Hurons and the Wye Marsh are magical places in history of our lives in southern Ontario. Youth will be engage in a number of activities exploring everything to there is to know about the two site. 

In the 17th Century, voyageurs brought the first Europeans to the are by canoe from Quebec City. Today, our youth can get a feel for the what the voyageurs experienced as they venture into the marshlands in canoes, engage in first nations games and learn about the history of this reconstructed fort. 

To easily move so may youth and volunteers to the camping site, yellow school buses and a cargo truck will be used to move personnel and personal gear. The cost of this is included in the registration fee. Camping equipment and food should be transported directly to the cuboree site and set up prior to arrival of the youth and volunteers. 



1. The designated contact Leader is responsible for ensuring that only registered members
are enrolled as participants.
2. This facility will be open to the public while we are at all of the events. For ease of
identification all youth and leaders are required to wear their necker at all times.
3. Since each youth will have a chance to paddle a canoe for some time, each is asked to
bring with them a paddle and a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) that must be CSA
Approved. Each PFD & Paddle must be clearly marked with the owners name and
the Group name.
4. There are no picnic tables available on site. Plan accordingly. Bring a table and camp chairs.
5. If your pack is twinning with another pack or you are sharing camping equipment, please
note this on your registration package - need to Twin with “Pack name and #”
6. Water is in limited supply, be sure to bring potable water.
7. Campfires are strictly prohibited.
8. Special Needs Cases: All special needs cases will be dealt with individually.
Please make us aware of these cases with your registration package.
9. No-Trace Camping will be required – Groups must leave the campsites cleaner than when
you arrive, and you are required to take away all of your own garbage.
10. Busses leave at 6:00 pm from the Whitby Operations Centre, McKinney Drive just north or Taunton Rd.
Overnight parking at the Operations Centre is available in a specific lot. Please indicate the number of vehicles that will be left overnight in Whitby. Specific details will be provided at the Leaders Meeting in May.
11. Estimated time of return is 4:30-5:00 pm on Sunday May 26, 2019.
12. It is MANDATORY that a leader goes on the bus with the youth (Two-deep leadership is required by Scouts Canada at all times.)
13. When this camp is over, each Cub may have filled the requirements for his/her
Canoeist badge level 2 or 3. It will be the responsibility of the packs to make
arrangements to acquire and present these badges.
1. Our team strongly recommends your pack have a “Get Ready for Camp” night.
Instructing cubs and parents on proper packing techniques is crucial.
Cubs will have to identify and carry all personal gear to their campsite. 
Please refrain from using plastic garbage bags as they are easily destroyed in the truck
packing process.
2. All of the youth should have all of their gear clearly and BRIGHTLY marked with name
and pack id (for example: ON neon duct tape). It may be dusk when we are unpacking
the truck.
3. Use 2” masking tape to CLEARLY identify PFD’s and Paddles.
Owners Name PLUS Pack name and number ( J. Smith- 2nd Whitby)
Paddles and PFD’s will be shared by everyone. They will be collected and stored in locked
storage at the waterfront area)
4. Only one vehicle or trailer per group will be permitted at the campgrounds,
from Friday at 12:00 PM to Friday at 7:00 PM for set up.
5. Sunday AFTER CLOSING ONLY we want to make sure all of the youth are
accounted for and on the busses prior to vehicles moving on to the field.
6. Please ensure that everyone involved understands and appreciates this
safety requirement.
Cheques must be payable to Scouts Canada – Whitby Area.
One Crest will be provided per paid registration.
Additional Crests may be available for sale at the camp.
Helpers are to be Non Registered volunteers (who we hope will join Scouting for the coming year). We must limit these to 1 per registered pack. Others, if required will be at $40 adult cost.
Registrations are non-refundable.
Late registrations are subject to space availability.
Forward the Registration before the cut-off date of May 09, 2019.

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