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Beaveree, Camp Samac, May 26, 2018

Introduction to Beaveree - FAQ

Audience:  This document is for those who have never been to a Beaveree before, or are going as a leader for the first time.

What is it: The Beaveree is a gathering of multiple Beaver colonies and Sparks and Brownie units to put on a Scouting/Guiding oriented “funfair” geared to Beaver, Spark and Brownie age youth.

How is it organized: Based on a selected theme, multiple events are identified by the committee, usually 10 to 12 depending on expected attendance.  Beaver colonies, Spark and Brownie units sign up for the events they would like to set up.

Typically 2 or more colonies or units will be assigned to each event.  This means that these colonies or units will work together to plan the event, set up and run the event on the day of the Beaveree.

What is the committee:  There is an organizing committee.  Anyone may participate to give their ideas and have a say in and plan the Beaveree.  Please contact your Group Commissioner or Terry Fielder to join.

Who runs the events:  Groups are responsible for running the event they set up.  This is typically done by leaving 1 or 2 leaders/adults behind to run the event while the balance of the leaders accompany their youth to the other events.  The leaders running the event work with the leaders arriving with the youth for that rotation to put on the event.

What if I do not have enough leaders:  As long as 1 or 2 leaders are left behind at an event, that’s enough to work with the leaders of the arriving youth to run the event.  You may not have enough leader-to-youth ratio for your youth traveling to the next event, but that is OK because the event you arrive at will have 1 or 2 leaders there already to run the event which completes your ratio.

What if my group is too small to put on an event:  It is not a problem because your group will work with the other groups assigned to your event.  The joint effort and pooling of resources turns a few small groups into 1 large group for the event and provides sufficient resources to prepare and run the event.

How does the day run:  All groups start at the event they are assigned to produce.  At the end of each period a horn or signaling device will be used to advise all groups to rotate to the next event in an organized fashion.

What if there is a cost to setup or run your event:  The groups responsible for an event are responsible for its cost.  Usually this is just the equipment necessary to run the event, which typically has minimal cost and can be absorbed by the hosting groups budget for outings or surcharge on the Beaveree admission fee defined by the group.

What if I want to change the event:  The event can be altered slightly to use available resources for the providing groups.  But the event needs to stay in theme, and changes should be sent to the registrar to ensure there are no concerns from either safety/regulations perspective and from conflict with another event that may be too similar.

My parents are undecided:  The committee needs the bulk of the registrations in by the deadline in order to proceed with planning and ordering, so please get your registrations in on time.  Register with your confirmed numbers.  If some undecided parents decide to come later, you can add 1 or 2 registrations up to the day of the event, provided you notify the registrar of that possibility in advance. 

Who provides food: Lunch is provided by the committee.  Morning and afternoon snacks and drinks for the snacks are provided by the groups, but please do not bring any nut based snacks.  Your group may want to charge your parents $1 more then the Beaveree fee to help fund the morning and afternoon snacks.

Food/Medical concerns:  If there are food allergy or medical concerns please advise the registrar.  The food planning may be able to accommodate, but if not, the group will need to provide lunch for the special needs. 

How do I get information:  Even if you are not a contact leader, you can request to be advised of all Beaveree committee memos to ensure information gets to everyone.  Please ensure your contact person is someone who will attend the Beaveree, which may not be the contact leader for the colony or unit.  Contact to be added to the mailing list.

Things to keep in mind:

If your event requires to “give away” something to each group, remember you need to provide the “give away” for each and every Beaver, Brownie or Spark at the Beaveree, so keep it simple and cheap.

Be prepared for large groups, so ensure there are several stations at your event to ensure the lineups are short.

Please do not bring snacks that have nuts, there are always critical nut allergies and we need to keep everyone safe.

Kitchen/Committee volunteer:

Large events take a lot of time and effort to prepare and implement.  Spread across all groups/many people, the workload becomes much more manageable and fair.

The registration form requires each group to give at least 1 person hour of time to the committee/kitchen quartermaster.  The majority of the help is needed on the day of the Beaveree.  However very small groups may not be able to spare a person on the Beaveree day.  If your group is one of these, please contact the registrar and other arrangements can be made such as helping with committee work prior to the big day of the Beaveree.

Camping the weekend:

Camping in a cabin or tent is a thrilling, social and educational event for a youth.  But it can be intimidating to volunteers who have never done it before.  Do you want to link with a group already in a cabin with the luxuries of running water, flush toilets, etc?  Contact, and we will set you up!

Safe Guide for Brownie and Spark Groups:

All daytime events are expected to be “Green” level activities. Groups staying overnight (“Yellow” level event) will need to submit forms to Safe Guide for their unit(s) and can indicate that daytime activities will be “Green” level activities.

Questions?  Any additional questions you have may be emailed to the registrar or 416 997 5609 and they will be responded to promptly.

Guiding specific questions?  Contact Terry (above) or Cecile Willert; 289-892-3140

Download the above information: Beaveree FAQs (PDF), Registration Form and Parent Invoice, links below.


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