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Call for Nominations - Area Commissioner - Algonquinte Area - WPC

Volunteer Job Posting - Area Commissioner - Algonquinte Area, White Pine Council

The Nominating Committee of Algonquinte Area, White Pine Council is seeking applications for the position of Area Commissioner. Candidates for this key volunteer role in Algonquinte Area should be committed to the values and principles of Scouting. Each should believe firmly that the Scouting movement is of benefit to Canadian society and be respected for their honesty, integrity, and ethics.

Please forward a cover letter and résumé, outlining any Scouting involvement and relevant qualifications for this position before Friday, March 25th, 2016 to 

Nominations will be submitted to the committee of 3 anonymously with ID numbers in place of names. This process will create interview selections based solely on experience, qualifications, skills and background. 

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