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Cobourg Scout Reserve Update

Dear Scouting Friends,
I write this with fond memories and heartfelt sadness. As of December 31st, 2020, our lease with Northumberland County for the Cobourg Scout Reserve ended. The County offered us the opportunity to renew our lease for a one-year extension. With the uncertainty that COVID has brought and no guarantee of what the future may hold, the Council Key Three made the very difficult decision not to renew our lease with the County.
Throughout COVID, operating expenses have been paid out and as of this month, the camp is out of funds to pay monthly expenses. The Camp Committee has worked diligently alongside the property team to develop a business plan and find a way to make the camp break-even but do not foresee enough income to meet all the expenses that are required. The camp is in a desperate need of a major overhaul to the buildings, as well as needing new equipment. Unfortunately, with no income coming in, the costs to run the camp have become too great. With these expenses (both capital and operating) in mind and no guarantee of income in the foreseeable future, we made the decision to return the property to the County.
We owe a thank you to our Camp Committee past and present (Ian Thomson, Jackie Irwin and MJ Stevenson) for taking care of CSR and working with the property team throughout the COVID closure. We thank all of our youth, scouters, parents and community partners who have contributed to the camp over the years. We would also like to thank the County for being such a wonderful partner for all of these years. We will be working with them over the next while to develop a plan to clear the buildings of equipment, resources and memorabilia.
On a personal note, I know that many of us have fond memories of CSR and will be very sad to see it go. My children and I have been attending camps and events there for the past 12 year. My last overnight camp before COVID was a snow camp with our Venturer Company at CSR. Too many good memories to count.
2020 has certainly been a rough year but our scouters and youth are resilient. We'll get through this and have many more adventures to come.
Yours in Scouting,
On behalf of the CK3
Jeff Sauve - Council Commissioner
Michael Nebesny - Council Youth Commissioner
Gwen Thornton - Council Relationship Manager


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