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Gear Nights at the Scout Shop

Scout shops across Canada are now offering Gear Nights to teach our Scouting members and community groups about the latest trends in outdoor gear and how to use equipment safely. These free, in-store workshops will help you:

*   Discover how gear can support safe adventures

*   Learn about the latest outdoor survival gear and how to stay safe

*   Uncover new trends, tips and tricks that will help your Section plan their upcoming adventure

*   Learn about the Outdoor Adventure Skills and what gear can help you get to the next stage

What can you expect from Gear Nights?

*  Gear Nights workshops typically last 45 minutes long and include an informative question and answer period where you can ask our experienced staff questions about gear and how to personalize your equipment.

*  Gear Nights also provide Section specific workshops– from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts, our skilled staff can assist any level of adventurer with their gear needs. Have a trip coming up and need advice? Gear Nights are the perfect place to learn about the equipment you will need.

*  For younger Sections, we encourage parent participation in Gear Nights as this helps Scouters with transportation needs and gets parents involved in their child’s Scouting experience.

*  To accommodate groups we are offering these sessions in the evenings and on weekends with flexible times.

Did you know?

*  The Scout Shop offers a great assortment sleeping bags, packs, tents, and survival gear for all your Scouting needs.

*  Scouts and Scouters can also save big by purchasing one of our many package deals.

*  All proceeds made at the Scout Shop help youth experience great, safe Scouting Adventures.

For more information or to book your Gear Night, contact us anytime.


Oshawa Scout Shop

1711 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa, ON L1G 4Y1  |   905-725-5722





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