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Lakeshore Ridge Scouting at Public Events - Please Join In

Lakeshore Ridge is facing a challenge, and it is one that all of us can help with.

There are communities in every Area that we can rebuild relations with, Cobourg is one of them. Lakeshore Ridge has an opportunity to facilitate that change, but we extend our hands to our fellow Areas for support.

Over the next few weeks, there are multiple community events happening that provide us with opportunities to show that we are active in the communities we serve. 

·         On September 9, 10, 11 is the Orono Fair. Orono is another community where we have not met the challenge of re-starting a group. I’d like to change that

·         On September 17 The Cobourg Harvest Festival is from 9 am – 4pm on King Street, Cobourg.

·         On September 16, 17 and 18 if the Port Hope Fall Fair

·         On October 1 The Volunteer Fair Cobourg is from 10-4 at the Cobourg Community Centre.

I would extend an invitation to any Area or Group that would like to participate in these events by being on the street, with youth in uniform to demonstrate to the community that we are not gone, we are strong and we are present in these communities. Please pass this along to your Group and Section leadership

I would also offer the same support for other Areas in our Council.  Share your events and lets make the presence and relevance of Scouting seen in our communities.

Yours in Scouting

Kenneth Weir

Area Commissioner, Lakeshore Ridge Area

White Pine Council, Scouts Canada

(M) 289-387-2251

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