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No One Left Behind: changes for 2018-2019

No One Left Behind: A subsidy program offering financial assistance for registration and program.
The NOLB program is aimed at children from families struggling with financial hardship all across Canada – so that they also get the chance to benefit from the values, skills and experiences offered through Scouting. The opportunity to belong to a group that teaches important life skills, self-esteem and community service has a huge impact on these youth.
NOLB is not intended to cover 100% of a child’s Scouting expenses. It was designed to help pay a portion of the membership fee, uniform, or subsidize a weekend outing or a trip to summer camp.
This program aids us in alleviating barriers to participation and offers a true opportunity for all children to belong.
How to apply for a No One Left Behind membership fees subsidy:
To apply for NOLB Subsidy please visit and submit a request. You will be presented with an automated message designed to gather some preliminary information, then once your application has been reviewed an Agent will connect with you with the next steps.
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