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Peterborough Properties 2020 fee structure

Groups can opt to pay an annual of $150 which gives them:

  •      Langley Park unlimited use September to end August 
  •      Camp Gilroy unlimited camping outside September to end of June 
  •      Camp Gilroy cabin - use of cabin 5 times September to end of June

Without out the plan the rates are:

  •     Langley is $50 a weekend
  •     Gilroy cabin is $125 per weekend
  •     Gilroy outside camping is $50

The Scout House is free for a meeting and costs $50 per evening for events or sleepover.

Above are the hyperlinks to the webpage and the calendar for each facility, though groups may have signed up for the annual fee they are required to book each facility via the email stated on each web page please share this information with your groups.

Thank you, Annette  Hayes


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