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Reserving outdoor meeting space at Camp Samac

Details for reserving outdoor meeting space at Camp Samac have been confirmed. You can find the info here:

It looks like there are 6 sites available and when you go to reserve you need to select the evening use option from the drop down menu, then you will have some sites show availability. Direct link for booking --

Any questions you have related to booking Samac should be sent to  

Cost for a period (evening) is $40.00

Cost for a day booking is $60.00 



All Scouts Canada properties continue to remain closed, with the exception of those listed below. As part of Scouts Canada’s Return to Scouting, a limited number of properties will open for Scouts Canada members only at this time, supporting safer outdoor Scouting adventures.

These properties have completed an application process and demonstrated that they are in a location capable of supporting many Groups for both evening and weekend activities with the following as some of the qualifiers:

  • One plastic and easy-to-clean washroom and hand washing station per Group/outdoor activity space.
  • A volunteer network in place to properly maintain, clean and welcome visitors to the property.
  • Staggered entrance and exit times.
  • Meet all safety and compliance regulations.
  • Capable of financially sustaining additional costs of reopening and maintenance without the use of indoor buildings and third party rentals.

The approved properties below have done extensive planning to ensure that the health and safety of our membership is of utmost priority and in accordance with all provincial/territorial and local regulations.

For any questions about booking your next adventure, please contact

Please use the links below to book your next outdoor Scouting adventure! This list will be updated on a regular basis as more properties are approved for reopening.

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