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Scout Seeds Fundraising Campaign

Scout Seeds campaign. If you want to share this info to others, the participation form can be found here

Key Features of ‘Scout Seeds’ Pilot include:

1.       High return: 60% return to Scouting (50% profit to Groups + 10% to National)

2.       Show and Sell: All participating Groups will receive their fundraising kit which will contain five (5) different seed kits + one(1) greenhouse kit as well as order forms. The kit quantity will be supplied based on Group size and should be distributed among the youth for instant fundraising. If you want to share it, the participation form can be found here

3.       Low retail price: All Six (6) products are priced from $10-$15.

4.       Online Fundraising: Groups will have the option of fundraising online, using a webpage that they can easily share with family and friends across Canada.

5.       Donations: Family and friends can also donate through the online shop and Scouts Canada will allocate 50% to the selected group and 50% to National.

Note: All donations to National help fund the ‘No One Left Behind program’, helps keep Scouts Canada membership fees affordable and supports other Scouting programs.

Important Dates/info for the ‘Scout Seeds’ fundraiser:

·         Groups will have up to March 25th to indicate if they are participating so that their seed and greenhouse kits can be sent to them. We will send your group either 100, 200 or 400 kits depending on the number of youth in your group/section and reorders are possible, but we would require a minimum of 100 kits to get free shipping.

·         Fundraiser webpage will be available for participating Groups to preview by March 13th.

·         Campaign lasts from March 30th to April 30th, with online orders delivered weekly.

·         Free shipping  for online customer with orders $100 and over.

·         Groups will receive their online sales profits and/or donations directly from Scouts Canada by May 30th.


Yours in Scouting

Morenike Fajemisin, Manager, Sales Marketing and Fundraising

Scouts Canada - National Service Centre — Centre national de service

C: 613.295.8726

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