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Section Awards process - no change

MAR 18, 2021  Although there is no current plan for senior sections award presentation, our CRM says:

The process for submitting remains the same as the past two years.  The GC and/or Contact Section Scouter must enter the award completion into MyScouts.  Each group commissioner has received the Group Commissioner Handbook for Recognition provided by the Recognition Network.

I've asked for information regarding any actual awards presentation at Queen's Park (as that was always the deadline requirement in the past for April 1st).

In the past, the senior section award ceremonies were organized by the 'Areas' and supported financially by the Council, as it was provided in our budget.  Last year's ceremony was postponed due to COVID and we do not foresee an in-person ceremony in the near future.

We would definitely support a Senior's Section Award ceremony for the Council (either virtual on in person at much later date) but would need an organizing committee and the budget would need to be approved by the CK3 through the finance committee.  We can certainly bring this into our conversations with the Group Commissioners.



Gwen Thornton, PMP

Council Relationship Manager (CRM)

White Pine Council - Scouts Canada



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