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St John Ambulance First Aid Trainers, Course - "free"

The Council has an exciting opportunity to train 6 Scouters to become certified St John First Aid Trainers at no cost to the Scouter.  In return the Scouter will run a minimum of 2 First Aid courses for the Council. 

The instructor course is 40 hours and upon successful completion of the course the candidates are required to team-teach and be monitored for certification as a St. John Ambulance Instructor and to qualify for instructor licensing by Ontario Council. The certificate is valid for three years.

Min. age: 18 years. Pre-requisites: St. John Ambulance’s Standard First Aid HCP CPR certificate, completed within 6 months of course start date. Candidates are also required to provide evidence of a clear criminal record dated within 6 months of the application date. 

If you are interested in becoming a First Aid Trainer and are willing to volunteer your time training fellow Scouters then please contact.

Craig Rendall, Deputy Council Commissioner - Training

White Pine Council

H 905-576-5415

C 905-442-5416

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