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Venturee: Amazing Hunger Survival Camp

Amazing Hunger Survival Camp

DATE: April 13-15th  2018

COST: $35 per youth

SCOUTERS: free if bring own food, else shared food plan cost estimated $20 pp

LOCATION: Langley Scout Reserve (forested area)

CONTACT:  or 416-997-5609

This hybrid Amazing Race / Survivor Camp has everything a venture needs to survive and thrive with what they find at hand in nature.  Plus a bit of help from equipment they can locate.

Food will be provided as part of the equipment that can be found, each barrel adequate to feed a venture company of 3-5 venturers for the weekend.  Allergy and food restrictions must be advised in advance so all barrels are compliant with all restrictions.  Other equipment can be found as part of the amazing race to gather necessities.  Drinking water will be provided on demand.

After the initial race to gather equipment on Friday evening, venturers begin setting up their camp.  Tents should be brought and setup at base camp should the need arise, but venturers are recommended to build and stay in a self made shelter.

The Equipment Venturer companies are required to bring per person:

  • -personal clothing and bedding (appropriate for forecasted Peterborough weather) in waterproof bag
  • -refillable water bottle
  • -hat
  • -raincoat
  • -warm jacket
  • -sleeping bag
  • -mess kit (plate, bowl, cup, spoon, fork, knife)
  • -knife
  • -flashlight

The Equipment Venturer companies must bring per group of 3-5 vents:

  • -at least 3 large tarps per gender in group, where large is at least 20 by 12 feet (6m by 4m) but not more than 20 by 30 (6m by 10 m)
  • -3 pots and lid for cooking
  • -matches
  • -tents adequate to house all venturers in group, including separate tents for each gender

Venturer Group recommended to bring:

  • -axe or hatchet (axe preferred)
  • -bow saw and/or collapsible saw
  • -twine or cotton string (biodegradable so could be left behind during disassembly)
  • -group flag

Venturer Groups may bring the following:

  • -communication devices (cell phones, walkie talkies) but are their own responsibility
  • -flint and steel

Venturer Groups and Venturer Individuals are forbidden from bringing any of the following:

  • -food (note: any dietary restrictions or special requirements will be handled and provided by camp)
  • -stereo systems
  • -rope
  • -weapons of mass destruction


Each patrol will hunt for the following equipment and supplies that will be provided during the race:

  • -food barrel
  • -twine for lashing projects
  • -rope for special projects
  • -special snacks/treats


Venturer Companies will be measured Sunday morning for achieving 1 or more of the following objectives:

  • -making a safe and adequate shelter
  • -making a clothesline
  • -making a tripod for cooking
  • -making a simple bench
  • -lashing a bench
  • -making a work tabletop
  • -making a washing station
  • -making three legged picnic table
  • -making a four legged picnic table
  • -flying a group flag
  • -lashing a safe lookout tower
  • -making a bridge, gate or other fancy entranceway into campsite



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