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Check out the latest newsletter, now produced by the White Pine Youth Network. WPC-2016-12-Newsletter.pdf More »
A presentation ceremony was held at Camp Samac, Oshawa on Saturday Nov 19, 2016. Check out the coverage by Snaped with photos.  More »
The presentation event will take place at Queens Park, Toronto, typically the 3rd weekend in October. More »
Check out this fundraiser:  More »
Details of the job position available at Nominations open to December 20th, 2016   More »
White Pine Council is looking for Deputy Council Youth Commissioners (DCYC) for three portfolios: DCYC - Program DCYC - Recognition DCYC - Training  As well as Area Youth Commissioners for a number of Areas. These individuals will form the core of the White Pine Youth Council. Taking on a leadership role will advance your confidence and offer a great line on your resume.  Check out the details. More »
Lakeshore Ridge is facing a challenge, and it is one that all of us can help with. There are communities in every Area that we can rebuild relations with, Cobourg is one of them. Lakeshore Ridge has an opportunity to facilitate that change, but we extend our hands to our fellow Areas for support. Over the next few weeks, there are multiple community events happening that provide us with opportunities to show that we are active in the communities we serve.  More »
The presentation event will take place at Camp Samac, on Saturday November 19, 2016, 2:00 pm.   Here are the application forms: Here are the guidelines for the current requirements. Here is the form for the ceremony that we need submitted ASAP. (The earlier the better.)  More »
Kawartha Waterways Area, White Pine Council is seeking applications for the position of Area Commissioner. Candidates for this key volunteer role in KWA should be committed to the values and principles of Scouting. Each should believe firmly that the Scouting movement is of benefit to Canadian society and be respected for their honesty, integrity, and ethics. Please forward a cover letter and résumé, outlining any Scouting involvement and relevant qualifications for this position before Sunday, September 11th, 2016 to . More »
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