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Scout Popcorn

2017 Scout Popcorn Campaign

Cover letter with list of Area coordinators.

Review this year's program: Power Point Presentation

Link to support page for further information.

Important Dates

October 26                 (Area deadline to enter orders in system) 

October 29                  Group Orders latest entry into the Trails End system (Area Coordinators may set an earlier date) Groups to submit their incentive / recognition form.  

November 7                All group payments to be received by the Area coordinator

November 8                All payments to be received by the COSC.

November 29-Dec 2   Delivery and Pick of Group orders , popcorn pickup is 575 Wentworth Unit 24, Oshawa, Ontario.   If you were to pick up your order in Oshawa, Ute will converse with you re. pick up times for groups.  If your order was to be delivered to a drop off point for outlying areas, we will get back to you re. new date for delivery to your drop off point.  We will know more in a day or so re. delivery date to outlying areas.

December 2 - 10      Delivery to consumers 

Contact Randie Jacobs for further assistance. 

White Pine Council, Popcorn Coordinator

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