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Scouters Conference

Play to Learn, Learn to Play

Scouter Conference January 21 2017

January 20, 2018

A day of workshops, vendors, speakers and more!

Of interest to those in leadership positions-scouters, senior youth, interested parents.

8:30 am - 5:00 pm    Registration fee $18.00

Includes light lunch of make your own "bunwich" meat and cheese platters with bowl of soup, 2 choices of salad, desserts, tea, coffee, water, or juice.

Registration open:

Conference Registration Button

Registration link:  Scouters Con 2, Jan 20, 2018  

Location:  Bowmanville High School,  49 Liberty St N, Bowmanville, ON L1C 2L8

Contact Brian: 905-922-5678  for more information!

Download Conference Planning Sheet (PDF) for schedule of sessions and room assignments.


Workshops offered (summary, more details below) 

Keeping idle hands tied up

Algonquin Park's Undiscovered Technology

Black Pots - Removing the Fear of the Dutch Oven

Sailing & Watersports at Whitby Yacht Club

Aboriginal Artifacts and History

Responsible Fundraising with a Difference: The Future is in your hands. Don't let it go to waste.

CJ’17 – A New Approach to Canadian Jamborees

Let’s Go Tripping: The Basics of Organizing a Canoe or Backpack Trip with Youth 

Dodgeball again! Say it ain’t so….

How to bring STEM into the Canadian Path?

“So you want to go where and do what??”

2017 scouters conference vendors

I've been asked to Quartermaster (cook) How ? What ?

Taking Scouting International, ABC's

Be On The Lookout For Ticks and Lyme Disease!

Energize your Beavers- An Approach to Planning

Scuba Diving and Underwater Creatures (Fish, corals, shipwrecks and all the cool stuff)!

OAS/Badges- Motivating your Beavers

Augmenting your Cub Scout Program

DeMystifying Running A Campfire 

Exploring New Territory- Mapping the Beavers' Journey

Warm Welcome!

Working With Youth With Disabilities

Augmenting your Beaver Scout Program

"Understanding Generation Z in Scouting (and No, the Z doesn't stand for Zombie)"


Workshop Title: Keeping Idle Hands Tied Up. 

Summary: Put your knot tying skills to good use. Learn to make the Simplest Survivor Bracelets, Monkey’s fists and/or Pacer Beads. What materials do you need to keep your entire Pack or Troop engaged for half an hour to an hour. Make it and take it home.  Make them as fund raisers to pay for CJ’17.

Presenter: Lindy Jay-Tung  has been a scouter for over 19 years.  She loves doing activities outdoors and taking on new knot challenges! 


Workshop Title: Taking Scouting International, ABCs.

Badge trading table in the vendor areaSummary: Travel with you youth to parts unknown, or just across the border to visit our American cousins. There is something very special about the world brotherhood of Scouting and you will learn how to stretch your boundaries to take youth to explore these. Workshop will discuss sourcing opportunities, basic paperwork required, planning timelines, fundraising, etc.  

Format: 20 minute presentation + scenarios and Q&A

Presenter: Brian Wick has taken Scouting youth to 5 world jamborees, 3 international jamborees, developed an ongoing exchange with Scouts in 4 countries, and camped with Scouts in more than 18 countries around the world. 


Workshop Title: LGBT..Q .? 2??: Accommodating gender and sexual minorities in Scouting.

Summary: Nonbinary? Intersex? Preffered pronouns? Pansexual?? There is a constant flurry of terminology coming out of the LGBT+ community lately. How do we, as scouters, positively accommodate and welcome this growing demographic? With the percentage of people identifying as part of this community, being up to date and engaged with them is not only practical, but needed.

This workshop will teach you the basics of what all this new terminology means.  Also, we will talk about how to address any issues that may come up in the various sections of Scouting, and discuss how to move forward in the future.

Format: 20 minute presentation + scenarios and Q&A

Presenter: Bailey Brown is a senior youth from 1st Whitby Venturer company. He has been active in the LGBT+ community for several years and has given educational lessons on the community’s issues to his school’s teachers and staff, as well as run a GSA for two years. He also has trouble talking in third person about himself.


Workshop Title: ​Algonquin Park's Undiscovered Technology

Summary: Take a new look at the wilderness of Algonquin Park and discover more than just wildlife and beautiful scenery.  There's a whole undiscovered backcountry with a rich history that many don't know about.  Did you know that Northrop Grumman, parent company of Grumman Canoe designed and built the lunar module for NASA's Apollo missions?  Signals from the Apollo missions were also received by the Algonquin Radio Observatory, a Canadian Space facility built along the shores of the Petawawa River deep in the back country of Algonquin Park.  Built in the 1960's the ARO (Algonquin Radio Observatory) is Canada's largest Radio Telescope and one of the largest fully steerable dishes in the world. The crown jewel of Canada's deep space exploration it is noted as discovering Quasars and Pulsars and was pinnacle in the development of today's Global Positioning Systems (GPS).  Today the ARO is operated by Thoth Technology and it open to group tours by appointment.Algonquin Radio Observatory

Algonquin Radio Observatory Thoth Technology Website:

Presenter: Randy Mitson was a Canoe Trip guide in Algonquin Provincial Park and is currently the Marketing Director for Algonquin Outfitters in Algonquin Park, Muskoka and Haliburton regions.  He has over 20 years experience in the back country of Algonquin Park and has recently started leading group tours to the Algonquin Radio Observatory​, with his next trip planned for May 2017.​


Workshop Title: Black Pots – Removing the Fear of the Dutch Oven!

Summary: Come and learn about the Crock Pot for the bush.   We will go over all the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.  We will go over recipes, care and cleaning, storage, usage, and costs.  We will have many setups for how to use a Dutch oven and all the various sizes and tools and equipment you could use.  Dutch ovens are something all age levels can do to enrich the scouting program and getting them involved in a lifelong love of cooking outdoors.

Presenter: Kevin Beleskey. He has been involved in Scouts as a youth and then for the last 10 years as a Colony scouter, Pack scouter, and Quartermaster for 2nd Highland creek.

Format: 30 minute hands on presentation then 20 minute Q&A

Workshop Title:  Sailing & Watersports at WYC

Summary:  Explore the value of partnering with Whitby Yacht Club to deliver CANSail certified education. WYC has been delivering a sailing education program to the community and surrounding area of Whitby for over 40 year. Whether you are 5 or 99, this is where you can get your start in sailing. Our graduates have gone on to sail in lake Ontario, navigate the open oceans of the world, and even compete in the Olympics. Brenda Bowskill, a member of the Canadian Sailing Team, who in the Rio 2016 Olympics achieved the highest placing of any Female Canadian sailor, got her start in sport of sailing from the Whitby Yacht Club!

Over the past three years we have been able to grow our sailing education program from 76 to now serving over 451 students. How you might ask? This was done through our focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and offering a fun and exciting experience at a fantastic price. In 2016 we also introduced the sport of Paddleboarding to our ever-growing programs!

We developed a special program for Scouting. During the cold months we provide instruction and material for Scouters to self deliver content. In May and June we run the exciting experience of learn to sail programs on the water! We have special pricing for group rates and to volunteer leaders.

Presenter: Stephen is the Director of Boat Education at the Whitby Yacht Club, and Peter is the Head Coach Race Development Program at Whitby Yacht Club. Both are CanSail Certified Instructors


Workshop Title: Aboriginal Artifacts and History

Summary: This workshop is directed to all and participants will learn about Aboriginal Culture/history and learn about Aboriginal contributions to the Canadian Culture of today.   How Aboriginal peoples of Canada have a close spiritual tie to the environment.

Presenter: Guy Mandeville, Métis Nation of Ontario Citizen, a Veteran of the Canadian Forces with 42 years of service, a Métis Elder and presenter of Aboriginal Culture at the East Northumberland Secondary School since 2009 and a Scouter with Scouts Canada since 1969.


Workshop Title:  Responsible Fundraising with a Difference: The Future is in your hands. Don't let it go to waste.

Summary:  This workshop would be beneficial to any scouter, volunteer or member that is interested in an environmentally friendly, community based fundraising initiative involving an electronic collection event.  You will be able to gather information on the funding program, logistics, support and success of other scouting groups.

Session will include the following:

  • History of the OES program
  • Short video to highlight the environmental impact of the diversion of electronics from landfill
  • Complete review of the logistics, planning and resources required to host an electronic collection event
  • Case study of local scout group success
  • Questions and discussion

Presenter:  Sharon Smith is the Director of Field Operations for the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES).  She has over 25 years of waste management experience and almost 5 years with OES.  Sharon has coordinated more than 600 community collection events and worked with several non-profit and community based organizations


Workshop Title:  CJ’17 – A New Approach to Canadian Jamborees

Summary:   CJ’17 will be introducing a number of new approaches to our national Jamboree and this will be an opportunity to discuss them in readiness for those going to CJ. Do you have unanswered questions about CJ? Do you want to see a detailed site map? Maybe you’re not sure what to take? Come on out and talk to someone who actually knows!

Spend some time talking with Scouter Stewart Bowman, Event Chair for CJ’17, and discuss what you might expect to find when you arrive at Camp Nedooae, and how can you prepare yourself and your youth for this experience of a lifetime.

Format: 10 minute overview of the site map, including program fields and off-site parking. 20 minutes open Q & A. 

Presenter:  Stewart Bowman has been involved in Scouting since 1989 with various roles starting with Pack and Troop Scouter; moving on the Whitby Area Service Team before taking on the roles of Whitby Area Commissioner then White Pine Council Commissioner and then on to Deputy National Commissioner.

He’s been involved in 3 Jamboree’s as a participant, taking 8th Whitby Scouts & Venturers - to CJ’93 in Kananaskis, Alberta; then to CJ’97 in Thunder Bay; and lastly to CJ’01 in PEI

At CJ’07 in Tamaracouta, Quebec, and again in CJ’13 at Sylvan Lake Alberta, he was a sub-camp chief, and in 2015 he was appointed as Chair of the CJ’17 Planning Committee.


Workshop Title:  Let’s Go Tripping: The Basics of Organizing a Canoe or Backpack Trip with Youth 

Summary:  Ever wanted to help your youth organize a canoe or backpack trip but didn’t know where to start? Did you ever think that moving beyond stationary camping was out of your grasp? This workshop will help prepare less experienced Scouters in the basics of the PLANNING stage of organizing a backpacking or canoe trip. This workshop and the actual nature of tripping fit nicely into the Plan-Do-Review and the Outdoor Adventure aspects of the new Canadian Path. It is also applicable to the other 2 key components of the Canadian Path-  youth led and SPICES. 

Presenter: Lewis Williams is the Scouts Canada, National Advisor for the Outdoors, a Whitby/White Pine area outdoor skills trainer and an advisor with the 9th Whitby “Wilderness Tripping” Venturer company. He has run high school outdoors clubs, been a canoe guide and backpack instructor for Duke of Edinburgh Award programs, guided homeless youth in outdoor activities, taught the Outdoor Education program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology,  guided canoe trips for at-risk youth and the Durham Police and is an ORCKA canoe trip instructor and a Hike Ontario backpack instructor. His company has been instructing canoeing and canoe tripping for 16 years. Lewis has been helping people of all ages enjoy tripping in the outdoors for 4 decades. On a personal level, one of his passions is tripping in the Canadian Arctic.


Workshop title:  Dodgeball again! Say it ain’t so….

Summary: Quality programs include games as a practical and fun way to learn essential skills.  Games can teach strategy and teamwork, improve fine and gross motor skills, improve problem-solving skills, build trust and learn limits, and have fun while playing.  There are wide varieties of games that can be functional or just let off some steam.   Come try a few and add them to your bag of tricks. 

Format: Interactive play – please wear shoes with non-marking soles.

Presenter:  Anja Thomas is an enthusiastic, energetic, easy going, talented scouter with many years of experience  Anja brings fun to any situation and lights up a room with her infectious laugh.


Workshop Title: How to bring STEM into the Canadian Path?

Summary: Challenge your Scouts to discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with Scouts Canada’s STEM program. STEM offers a wide range of hands-on and exciting program materials that are easy for Scouters to use and youth to explore. Developed by Scouters just like you, Scouts Canada STEM program will engage your youth in interesting adventures that will spark their interest and curiosity to discover our world.

Scouts Canada’s STEM team now has a workshop to get you started with STEM. In just one hour you will:

  • Learn about the STEM program and how it fits into the Canadian Path
  • Try some hands on STEM activities and get a better sense of the program
  • Get all the information about Scouts Canada’s STEM resources
  • Get tips about where to find additional support and resources

We have the proof that the youth love these new challenges! So register now to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be the most popular Scouter in your Group!


Format: 30 minutes presentation and discussion, 30 minutes hands-on activities


Workshop Title: “So you want to go where and do what??”

Summary: Scouting Activities are all part of what we do to create adventures that our youth want, but sometimes what they want to do requires going beyond our own resources and we need to attend locations, or bring in experts.  What do you need to do, or be aware of when using 3rd Party resources? What about venues? Do I sign this waiver?

Join Lakeshore Ridge’s Amie Heaslip (DAC-Program) and Ken Weir (Area Commissioner) as they discuss some of the Do’s and Don’ts of 3rd Party Activities, the right paperwork, and how to check for Scouts Canada Reciprocal Agreements.

Format: 30 minute presentation and 20 minute discussion/round-table Q&A


Workshop Title: I've been asked to Quartermaster (cook) How ? What ?

Summary: In Scouting we have many different scenarios when it comes to meals and food. Are we camping in the wilderness or do we have a full Kitchen in a building. How do we plan the menu and stay safe with food handling ?

Presenter:  David Reid has been involved in scouting for 27 years.  He has been a leader/advisor for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers and has served as Assistant District Commissioner (Whitby), Deputy District President (Whitby) for Growth & Older Youth, Assistant Council Commissioner Events, Deputy Council Commissioner Program, Deputy Council Commissioner Properties, Samac Camp Committee  Chair.

David is widely sought after to serve as Quartermaster at scouting events.  He has been Quartermaster for several adult courses and large youth group camps and will bring his wealth of information on serving as Quartermaster in an efficient and safe manner.


Workshop Title:  Be On The Lookout For Ticks and Lyme Disease!

Summary:  The incidence of ticks, human tick exposures, Lyme disease risk areas, and reported human cases of Lyme disease have all been increasing in Ontario over the past number of years. This presentation will provide some basic information about ticks, their preferred habitats, personal precautions to avoid tick exposures, tick removal and testing, as well as common Lyme disease symptoms.

Presenter:  Toni Moran is a Senior Public Health Inspector with the Durham Region Health Department.  Toni is currently involved with surveillance and control of Vector-borne Diseases. 


Workshop Title:  Energize your Beavers- An Approach to Planning

Summary:  Planning a great program requires one thing: FUN!            

Join the Colony team to help you bring new ideas into your Beaver adventures as we brainstorm


Join Anita Simmons - DAC Colony Whitby, Jan Coburn -Colony Team, Noreen Wild -Colony Team, Linda Raines- Colony Team


Workshop Title:  Scuba Diving and Underwater Creatures ( Fish, corals, shipwrecks and all the cool stuff)!

Summary:  This workshop is directed to all ages and participants who will learn more about what it takes to become a scuba diver and some of the Amazing creatures and sites to be seen underwater.  You will learn how to become a scuba diver, what you can see underwater and how diving can change your life including career opportunities in the sport.

Presenter:  Brian Pallock, certified as a scuba diver in 1989 and then worked up through to scuba instructor. 20 years experience as a scuba instructor with multiple ratings from: NAUI, PADI, DAN, SDI and TDI (Technical Diving Instructor) as well as being a certified Full Cave Diver.


Workshop Title:  OAS/Badges- Motivating your Beavers

Summary:  We all crave recognition and Beavers are no different.  Learn how to use the badges to motivate your youth and guide them on their  journey to the North Star.

Join Anita Simmons - DAC Colony Whitby, Jan Coburn - Colony Team, Noreen Wild- Colony Team, Linda Raines- Colony Team


Workshop Title:  Augmenting your Cub Scout Program

Summary:  Some ideas to bring visual learning and fun to your Pack using resources, resource people, parents, training, and linking.  Also, demonstration of a diorama that illustrates the Jungle Book theme in HD 4K Real 3D!

Presenter:  Michael Row is a retired police officer and has been involved with scouting for over 25 years.  He was the Assistant Area Commissioner Oshawa for Pack for three years, then the Deputy Area Commissioner for Oshawa for Program, for two years.

Michael has more jungle toys than Toys R' Us!  Come and meet the "jungle man"!


Workshop Title:  DeMystifying Running A Campfire 

Summary:  Have you ever wondered what is involved in running a great campfire?  Would you like to run a better campfire?  This session will explore the elements essential for a great campfire including format, songs, skits, etc.  The history of the campfire environment and current trends for a great and fun campfire will be explored.  Whether you are new to leading a campfire session or experienced, you will pick up great ideas to put into your next time as campfire leader.

Presenter:  Craig Rendall has been in scouting for over 14 years.  He has a real passion for magic campfires, stories and magic campfire effects.


Workshop Title:  Exploring New Territory- Mapping the Beavers' Journey

Summary:  Let's explore the map together and make the Beavers proud of their accomplishments and excited about their future endeavours.  See the map as a vehicle to create that pride and anticipation.

Join Anita Simmons - DAC Colony Whitby, Jan Coburn - Colony Team, Noreen Wild-Colony Team, Linda Raines- Colony Team


Workshop Title:  Warm Welcome!

Summary: This workshop will speak to and instruct on all forms of contact made between our members and the community. Rather you are running a bring-a-friend night, having a community open house, answering email inquiries made by parents looking for a group or running an information booth at an event, your ASM’s will give you tips for best practices and success. Our goal is to equip scouters and senior youth to spread the spirit of scouting to the community with confidence.

Presenters: Heather Earle and Amy Patterson are the Area Support Managers for White Pine Council. Their role is to assist Area Commissioners and Area Youth Commissioners in running their areas, growing scouting, assist with public relations and keeping our groups happy and healthy. Both Heather and Amy have lifelong careers in the not-for-profit sector. Heather joined the organization as an employee in September 2015. Amy joined as an employee in July 2015 and also has 20 years of service as a volunteer and member.


Workshop Title:  Working With Youth With Disabilities

Summary:  This workshop will  be of interest to all scouters working directly with youth.  Information will be provided on how to work with youth who might be on the spectrum of autism and ADHD.

In some instances youth in your section are identified as having a disability.  In other instances, in the case of younger youth, they may not yet have been identified as having a disability.  

Through attendance at this workshop, scouters will gain a deeper understanding of how to work with youth that "don't fit in". 

Presenters:  Ann Hopkins, John Hugh Boyd.  Ann is a past coordinator of scouting for youth with disabilities in the Province of Ontario.


Workshop Title:  Augmenting your Beaver Scout Program

Summary:  Some ideas to bring visual learning and fun to your Colony using resources, resource people, parents, training and linking.  Also, demonstration of a diorama that illustrates Friends of the Forest in HD 4K Real 3D!

Presenter:  Michael Row is a retired police officer and has been involved with scouting for over 25 years.  He was the Assistant Area Commissioner Oshawa for Pack for three years, then the Deputy Area Commissioner for Oshawa for Program, for two years.

Michael has more jungle toys than Toys R' Us!  Come and meet the "jungle man"!


Workshop Title:  "Understanding Generation Z in Scouting (and No, the Z doesn't Stand for Zombie)"

Summary:  “Gen Z is part of a generation that is global, social, visual and technological. They are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation ever. They are the up-agers, with influence beyond their years. They are the tweens, the teens, the youth and young adults of our global society. They are the early adopters, the brand influencers, the social media drivers, the pop-culture leaders. They comprise nearly 2 billion people globally, and they don’t just represent the future, they’re creating it” (

In this workshop, members of the White Pine Council Youth Network will share their insights and views on the needs of Generation Z in scouting and the unique contribution that they can make as part of the leadership team.


Please Note:  This list of workshops is (to date).  There will be more workshops added to this list!




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