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Scouters Conference

ScoutCon 2022  -  January 22rd

Location T.B.D. (Bowmanville High School, 49 Liberty St N, Clarington, Ontario)

A day of workshops, vendor displays, STEM demonstations, keynote speaker and more!

Includes coffee station, lunch, workshops, vendor fair. 

Contact Brian: 905-922-5678  for more information!




8:30am – Arrival, Registration and Name Badge Pick-up

9:00am – 1:15pm Vendor Displays (Some vendors will remain for the afternoon) 

9:00am – Session Time Slot 1

10:15am – Coffee Break, rotation

10:45am – Session Time Slot 2 

12:00pm – Lunch - Choice of Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, BBQ Chicken on a Bun, Balsamic Portobello Mushroom Burger, all above with salad and small dessert, coffee, tea. 

1:15pm – 4:00pm STEM Displays

1:15pm – Session Time Slot 3

2:30pm – Coffee Break, rotation

2:45pm – Session Time Slot 4

4:00pm – Wrap up and home time



  Program Workshops: (draft)
Archery - Glen Bryers
Menu planning, outdoor cooking & food safety - 
Awards & recognizing your volunteers - Ute Sack, John Parks
Mitten Leathercraft workshop $45 - Derek Lawday
CK3 Commissioner Roundtable, Policies Procedures & Practices - Jeff Sauve
Identify plants and trees - Heather Bonsell
SCUBA Club - 
Duke of Ed - Karen Gormley
Fundraising innovation & event planning - 
Geocaching Workshop - Shauna 
OFAH - outdoor programs - Maribeth 
Rope bridge building - Lynn Dugger
Building a Capstore Project - 
National & International Events - Brian Wick
Camp Gadgets? - 
Fire starting workshop - Jacob Benjamin
Map & compass - Nyckolas Dube
Dutch oven cooking - Hugh & Dave
  Displays: (draft)
Upcoming Events Desk - Debby Corneal
International Opportunities - 
Emblem tech - Bob
Canoe Museum Paul Deryaw



At this year’s ScoutCon we will have a FREE resource sharing section so that Scouters can learn about upcoming events and training, collect craft supplies, books, etc,  or obtain camping gear that someone else may want to pass on.

If your area or any of your scouters have anything that would like to give away at ScoutCon, the lead scouter can contact and I will reserve a spot in our resource section for items or information.  



Bowmanville High School floor layout (to be updated)









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