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Scouters Conference


Learn to Play, Play to Learn

Scouter Conference January 21 2017

Scouter's Con January 20, 2018

A day of workshops, vendors, speakers and more!

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Of interest to those in leadership positions-scouters, senior youth, interested parents.

Location:  Bowmanville High School,  49 Liberty St N, Bowmanville, ON L1C 2L8

8:30 am - 5:00 pm    Registration fee $18.00

Includes light lunch of make your own "bunwich" meat and cheese platters with bowl of soup, 2 choices of salad, desserts, tea, coffee, water, or juice.

Registration open:

Registration link:  Scouters Con 2, Jan 20, 2018  

Contact Brian: 905-922-5678  for more information!

Choose your workshops (after you register) 


2018 Workshops offered (summary, more details below) 

Scouts Canada and the Path

Incorporating STEM into your Beaver Program

STEM into the Canadian Path - older youth

Program quality and growth

Engaging parents - growing your leadership team and retaining youth

Scouting for youth with Disabilities

Mentoring Youth

Fundraising - recycling and other initiatives from a Scouting perspective

MyScouts: Tips and Tricks

Food Preservation and Packaging for Backwoods & Lightweight Adventure

Safe Food Handling

Personal Camping Gear

Group Camping Gear

Be On The Lookout For Ticks and Lyme Disease!

Augmenting your Cub Scout Program

Cooking with Dutch ovens

Understanding Generation Z in Scouting (and No, the Z doesn't Stand for Zombie)

Honours & Awards

Bringing Scouting International

Scouts Tracker

Knots for Colony

Knots for Pack & Troop

The Explosive Child

A working Disability Group



Scouter's Con 2018 Workshop Offerings

1. Scouts Canada and the Path

Learn all about the exciting programs that Scouts Canada has to offer it members and the progress of the Canadian Path

Workshop format: Speaker

Presenter, background description: John A. Estrella, PhD, CMC, PMP, is currently an active Company Scouter with 7th Markham. Prior to his appointment as a National Commissioner, he served as the Deputy Contingent Leader at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) in Japan. He attended the 22nd WSJ in Sweden and national jamborees in Canada, USA and Philippines; served as a member of the Board of Governors, contact Scouter for all sections, Group Commissioner, and Deputy Area Commissioner (Honours & Awards); completed Wood Badge I for all five sections, Group Committee, and Service Team; WB II for Troop and Company; and taught WB courses.

For his especially distinguished service to Scouting, he was awarded the Silver Acorn in 2015. In 2012, he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. As a youth, he earned the Eagle Scout Award and the Scout Citizen Award, and got inducted into the Order of the Arrow. He later joined NESA as a Life Member. His wife and three children are all active in Scouting.

Professionally, John worked on various consulting engagements for some of the world’s most respected organizations in Asia, North America and Europe. In addition to his management consulting career, he authored six books and several courses for audiences in Canada, U.S., U.K., France, Sweden, Japan, India and other countries. His BSc (Dean’s List) and MSc (Teaching Fellow & Scholar; 4.0 GPA) degrees are in Computer Science. The Project Management Institute (PMI) Educational Foundation awarded him a scholarship for his PhD in Organization and Management (4.0 GPA).


2. Incorporating STEM into your Beaver Program

Clever ways to incorporate STEM activities into the adventures your Beavers have requested. Your Beavers asked for Lego - make it a Lego Challenge. Your Beavers love dinosaurs - use STEM to show them how big the dinosaurs were. Middle of the winter and time for a Beach Party - use STEM to make an ice cold snack. I'll show you how to enhance your program with STEM so that at the end of the meeting you can truly ask "What do you know now that you didn't know before?"

Workshop format: Hands on workshop with digital handouts (bring a flash drive)

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Facilitating STEM Adventure - Program Facilitation

Presenter, background description: Geoff Macquire, Colony Scouter for 1st Port Nelson Colonies A & B (CEC), Support Scouter/Trainer for Hamilton Wentworth (Battlefields), GC and Secretary of 99th BP Guild - Blue Springs


3. Presentation Title: STEM on the Canadian Path older youth

Presentation Description: Challenge your Scouts to discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with Scouts Canada’s STEM program. STEM offers a wide range of hands-on program materials that are easy for Scouters to use and youth to explore. Developed by Scouters just like you, Scouts Canada STEM program will engage your youth in interesting adventures that will spark their interest and curiosity to discover our world.

Scouts Canada’s STEM team has a workshop to get you started with STEM.

In just one hour you will: Learn about the STEM program and how it fits into the Canadian Path, Try a hands-on STEM activity and get a better sense of the program, Get tips about where to find additional support and resources, We have the proof that the youth love these new challenges! Register now to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be the most popular Scouter in your Group!

Workshop format: Slideshow, Handouts and Hands-on

Presenter, background description: Deborah Soanes, Troop Scouter with 1st Enniskillen Group, National STEM committee since 2013, STEM subcommittees where I’ve helped plan and/or facilitate STEM activities, ADVenture14, Pacific Jamb 15, World Jamboree 2015, CCJ’16, CJ’17, Currently planning for World Jamboree 2019


4. Presentation Title: Program quality and growth

Presentation Description: Let's talk about ways to increase program quality! This interactive discussion will brainstorm ideas on how to increase program quality, what parents want from our programs and how this can affect your retention and growth at the section level. A great session for program scouters and group committee members.

Workshop format: Power point and interactive discussion

Presenter, background description: Amy PattersonI have been a volunteer for over 20 years and an Area Support Manager for 2.5 years.


5. Presentation Title: Engaging parents - growing your leadership team and retaining youth

Presentation Description: Parents may not understand our program, teachings, values, goals and culture, as much as we might assume they do. Let's talk about communicating with our parents and educating them on scouting. Through speaking with many parents, I would like to share with you the questions and misconceptions that they have. These gaps in their understanding leads to low retention of the youth and a lack of engagement by parents. Increase your leadership team and the relationship with your youth's families! A great workshop for Program Scouters and Service Scouters.

Workshop format: visuals on power point with highly interactive conversation

Presenter, background description: Amy PattersonI have been a volunteer for over 20 years and an Area Support Manager for 2.5 years.


6. Presentation Title: Scouting for youth with Disabilities

Presentation Description: Discuss how to include youth with Disabilities in your section. How do you make the youth feel like they belong? I use props as we discuss inclusion and awareness of visible and invisible disabilities.

Workshop format: Discussion and handouts.

Presenter, background description: Ann Hopkins has been a Scouter for 45 years and was a member of the Ontario SYD Committee from 1986 to 1996. She has had many youth with disabilities in her sections over the years.


7. Presentation Title: Mentoring Youth

Presentation Description: How do we lead without “leading”, direct without “directing”? How do we advance the knowledge and skills of our youth without “telling them what to do”?

Workshop format: PPT, Collaborative Learning Activities

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Planning for Youth-led scouting

Presenter, background description: Trish Green, Area Support Manager Voyageur Council, Ontario Certified Teacher, Bachelor of Education in Outdoor Experiential Education, Master's Certificate in Project Management. 

Kate Cruikshank, Area Support Manager in Training Voyageur Council, Ontario Certified Teacher, Bachelor of Education, specialized in Special Education


8. Presentation Title: Fundraising - recycling and other initiatives from a Scouting perspective

Presentation Description: Presenting various fundraising initiatives from the standard Scouts Canada fundraisers to new and innovative methods such as recycling drives, product resale, grants, etc.

The inside look is from a Scouting perspective, how it applies, how we stay on the correct side of Scouts Canada rules and regulations, stay safe, but perform successful fundraising.

How to divide the money when you get it, how to keep everyone happy about where the money is spent. Interactive with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers, let’s get your Scout Group on the road to financial viability.

Workshop format: Poster and powerpoint presentation

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Indirectly to program facilitation

Presenter, background description: Terry Fielder - Group Commissioner - 9th Pickering Scouts, Experienced in fundraising for group and area events, outings/trips and initiatives.


9. Presentation Title: MyScouts: Tips and Tricks

Presentation Description: MyScouts and fun! Usually not two words that are combined into one sentence. But MyScouts is an essential tool to use and understand to administer all aspects of your group as we move into an online-only registration and administration era.

From Section Scouters to Group Commissioners and Area and Council Team members - join this session and unlock some secrets to understand the functionality and fun of using MyScouts. Topics will include Youth and Volunteer Registration, How to use MyScouts to Onboard new Volunteers and develop your Scouter Team, Reviewing Group Roles and access, entering your Program Quality Assessments and how to use these throughout the year, Actively using and assessing Waitlists to grow your Group, David Huestis Learning Centre, and more!

Workshop format: Slide Show & Presentation

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Volunteer Support (Developing Teams, Growing the Movement, Recruiting Volunteers)

Presenter, background description: Heather Earle is an Area Support Manager for White Pine Council, supporting Owasco, Whitby, Oshawa and Lakeshore Ridge Areas.


10. Presentation Title: Food Preservation and Packaging for Backwoods & Lightweight Adventure

Presentation Description: A demonstration of the methods of drying, packaging, storing, and preparing lightweight meals for back country activities.

Workshop format: Hands on Workshop with equipment and food.

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Camping - Outdoor Skills

Presenter, background description: Steve Lines - 30+ years of back country adventures. Canoeist, hiker, backpacker, climber and mountain biker.

Toni Moran - Venturer Advisor, and a Senior Public Health Inspector with the Region of Durham.


11. Presentation Title: Safe Food Handling

Presentation Description: Learn all about what how to store and handle your food safely

Workshop format: Lecture, Hands on

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Camping - Outdoor Skills

Presenter, background description: David Reid has been involved in scouting for 27 years.  He has been a leader/advisor for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers and has served as Assistant District Commissioner (Whitby), Deputy District President (Whitby) for Growth & Older Youth, Assistant Council Commissioner Events, Deputy Council Commissioner Program, Deputy Council Commissioner Properties, Samac Camp Committee Chair.

David is widely sought after to serve as Quartermaster at scouting events.  He has been Quartermaster for several adult courses and large youth group camps and will bring his wealth of information on serving as Quartermaster in an efficient and safe manner.


12. Presentation Title: Personal Camping Gear

Presentation Description: Learn all about what you need in personal gear in all four seasons from sleeping bags, tents to socks.

Workshop format: Lecture, Hands on

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Camping - Outdoor Skills

Presenter, background description: Wil Corneal – 50 years of Scouting experience


13. Presentation Title: Group Camping Gear

Presentation Description: Learn all about what you need to take your section camping from cub camps to Scout patrols

Workshop format: Lecture, Hands on

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Camping - Outdoor Skills

Presenter, background description: Wil Corneal – 50 years of Scouting experience


         14. Presentation Title: Be On The Lookout For Ticks and Lyme Disease!

Presentation Description: The incidence of ticks, human tick exposures, Lyme disease risk areas, and reported human cases of Lyme disease have all been increasing in Ontario over the past number of years. This presentation will provide some basic information about ticks, their preferred habitats, personal precautions to avoid tick exposures, tick removal and testing, as well as common Lyme disease symptoms.

Workshop format: Lecture, handouts

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Camping - Outdoor Skills

Presenter, background description: Toni Moran is a Senior Public Health Inspector with the Durham Region Health Department.  Toni is currently involved with surveillance and control of Vector-borne Diseases. 


14. Presentation Title: Augmenting your Cub Scout Program

Presentation Description: Some ideas to bring visual learning and fun to your Pack using resources, resource people, parents, training, and linking.  Also, demonstration of a diorama that illustrates the Jungle Book theme in HD 4K Real 3D!

Workshop format: Lecture, handouts

Presenter, background description: Michael Row is a retired police officer and has been involved with scouting for over 25 years.  He was the Assistant Area Commissioner Oshawa for Pack for three years, then the Deputy Area Commissioner for Oshawa for Program, for two years.

Mike has more jungle toys than Toys R' Us!  Come and meet the "jungle man"!


15. Presentation Title: Cooking with Dutch ovens

Presentation Description: Explore the many foods that can be prepare at camp using a Dutch oven. This presentation is outdoors as food will be prepared using a Dutch oven.

Workshop format: Lecture, Q &A, food sampling

Presenter, background description: Keven Beleskey


16. Presentation Title: Understanding Generation Z in Scouting (and No, the Z doesn't Stand for Zombie)

Presentation Description: “Gen Z is part of a generation that is global, social, visual and technological. They are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation ever. They are the up-agers, with influence beyond their years. They are the tweens, the teens, the youth and young adults of our global society. They are the early adopters, the brand influencers, the social media drivers, the pop-culture leaders. They comprise nearly 2 billion people globally, and they don’t just represent the future, they’re creating it” (

In this workshop, members of the White Pine Council Youth Network will share their insights and views on the needs of Generation Z in scouting and the unique contribution that they can make as part of the leadership team.

Presenter, background description: Evelyn Robertson – Council Youth Commissioner.


17. Presentation Title: Honours & Awards

Presenter, background description: John Parks Deputy Council Commission Honours and Awards


18. Presentation Title: Bringing Scouting International

Presentation Description: Learn about the World Brotherhood of Scouting and how this opens the door to interational Scouting experiences, Brotherhood Camps, Jamborees, exchanges, etc. 

Workshop format: Presentation, hand out, Q & A

Wood Badge 2 Development Cards perspective: Adventure - Travel

Presenter, background description: Keith McGinty, Contingent Leader to the Ireland Jamboree 2018. With previous experience taking youth to Finland, Denmark and Ireland. Has had first hand experience meeting with Scouts in Rwanda and looking forward to attending the Africa Scout Day 2018 in Zimbabwe. 


19. Presentation Title: Scouts Tracker

Presentation Description: What is Scout Tracker and what can it do for you. A great organizational tool for tracking youth progress, calendar of events and correspondence with parents and committee.

Workshop format: Work through an online scenerio

Presenter, background description: Annette Hayes is an avid user of the Scoutracker program and can teach you how to make the most of it.


20. Presentation Title: Knots

Presentation Description: Hands on . . . 

Workshop format: Hands on . . .

Presenter, background description: John Staley


          21. Presentation Title: Scouting is for Everyone, a discussion on program adaptation

Presentation Description: Jennifer and Roger Cowey are Venturer Advisors with the 19th Grace Venturer Company B, a group whos' participants are entirely special needs individuals. Our participants range in age from 19 years to 60+, some have been members of scouting for over 20 years! Together we work to provide an adapted Scouting program which best suits the needs of our members. Over the years working with autism, physical and developmental disabilities, non-verbal communication, various degrees of motor skills and numerous health considerations has given us a unique perspective on program planning that we would love to share with all of you. Join us for a discussion on adaptive program planning, working with people with special needs and removing barriers, because we believe Scouting is for everyone.

Workshop format: Presention of the history of our group, round table discussion, hands on

Presenter, background description: Jennifer Cowey, Venturer advisor 10 years, member of Scouting and Guiding as a youth and volunteer for 32 years.

Roger Cowey, Venturer Advisor for 15 years, member of Scouting as a youth and volunteer for more than 50 years.



Registration link:  Scouters Con 2, Jan 20, 2018  



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