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Procedures on Donations and Charitable Tax Receipts

Charitable Tax Receipt Request - Process

COSC Process for Managing Cheque/Cash Donations

The Canadian Revenue Agency rules require organizations holding a charitable number for the purpose of providing charitable tax receipts must demonstrate that they have received the funds in question at the level at which the receipt is issued (by Council). Reference to 11Group" for this process, includes Group, Area, Council.  Donations made to Sections, will be returned to the Group for redistribution.

  • Charitable Tax Receipts will only be issued for donations of $20 or more.
  • Matching dollars (cheques or cash) must accompany all requests.
  • Preference is to have the Donor to write a cheque made payable to   scouts Canada", which will be deposited by the Council.  Alternatively, donations can be deposited by the Group, after which the Group is to provide a cheque made payable to   scouts Canada" for the total amount  of the donations, but only for those $20 or more.  In the case of the Group depositing a donor's cheque, copy of the donor's cheque must be included with the submission of this form (EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF SCOUTREES WHERE THE PLEDGE FORM IS SUFFICIENT) for a charitable tax receipt to be issued.
  • DO NOT SEND CASH DONATIONS  BY MAIL. Cash donations will only be accepted in person at the Council (Ottawa) office.
  • Attach (STAPLE) all cheques to this form.
  • Charitable Tax Receipts will be processed monthly.
  • Return cheques to Group will be processed within 1 month after the receipt of the cheque to ensure that all cheques clear, especially those containing personal cheques.
  • The return cheque will be sent to the Commissioner  only; and will only be issued to accounts with the prefix  scouts Canada" as per BP&P 11003 (v).  Donations will be held in trust until compliance with policy has been established.
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